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weight lossLose 20-35 Pounds in Six Weeks! AND Keep IT OFF!

No Shakes, NO Exercise, No Pre-Packaged Food

Have you tried diet after diet only to find that your diet quits working and weight loss stops, or, worse yet, you begin to regain your weight?

If a diet plan doesn’t reset your body’s set point, it can’t work for you.

That’s why Total Health Center has developed a six week weight-loss plan that offers proper nutrition and teaches new eatng habits ........ helping you lose weight quickly and easily and keep it off.

The Two-Pronged Diet Plan for Successful Weight Loss

Weight loss is more than just eating less — it’s about managing your nutrition and lifestyle, and making your body return to its optimal functioning state.

1. Weekly Support and Supervision

Weekly Doctor supervision and Body Compositon Analysis will help support your weight loss by providing feedback and results tracked on a report you take home each week.

Weight loss programs combined with feedback are successful because you are learning to change your eating habits.

2. Proper Supplements and Nutrition

Chiropractors undergo rigorous nutrition training.

Total Health Center uses the latest reasearch in health, body systems, natural pain relief and supplements to create a weight-loss program that gets to the heart of weight loss difficulties — the body’s set-point.

Re-set Your Set Point and Lose Weight Easier

weight lossWho hasn’t been frustrated by reaching a dietary plateau where weight loss slows or even stops?

This phenomenon often derails many people’s attempts to reach their goal weight. Why should they continue with their diet when they’ve stopped losing weight?

This plateauing is just your body doing what it’s meant to do — adapt to change. Your body has a “set point” — a need to stay at your starting weight — and it lowers metabolism as you lose to try and maintain that weight.

Evolutionarily speaking, that’s a good thing. It would help you stay healthy and energetic, even if you were faced with famine.

Since most of us don’t face food shortages, this set point has become more aggravating than life-saving.

Total Health Center has discovered a way to re-set your body’s set point, so you can lose weight quickly and easily while still maintaining a high level of energy and health.

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