How Much Does It Cost?

Most of our patients report they feel better sooner compared to the other chiropractic care they’ve experienced, and thus  pay less in the long run. Please call our office for a price quote.  916.484.6882.

How Long Will It Take To Feel Better?

Every person responds differently to treatment. Some patients feel immediate relief before they leave the office, others may feel relief that evening or the following day, and some may require repeated treatments.  Just because a patient feels better doesn’t mean they are healed as health returns in stages:
– Correction stage
– Healing stage
– Health stage
The average return to health is more rapid than most people think possible. Returning to health is a process and so it is important that a patient follow the Doctor’s recommendations until full healing and recovery have occurred.

How Many Times Will I Need To Be Adjusted?

Every person responds differently. Your goal will likely be to get out of pain and feel better as soon as possible. Dr. Ciano’s goal is to stabilize your spine so that you can experience your best health possible. This is done by being adjusted and maintaining your correction for as long as possible. Achieving this may require some ergonomic changes to your lifestyle. Example: Do not sleep on your stomach.

How Will The Doctor Know If She Can Help Me?

No doctor can give any patient a guarantee. If your spine is out of alignment due to distortion, your body can not function at its full health potential because your nervous system is compromised. By having your spinal alignment restored and your vertebral subluxation removed, your nervous system can function at your full health potential. This means you will feel better, heal, and enjoy a better level of health.

Does It Hurt To Be Adjusted?

Absolutely not, the adjustment is gentle and non-forceful. Your head and neck will not be turned, pulled or pushed. Many patients find the adjustment to be relaxing.

Can I Be A Patient If I Am Pregnant?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to receive treatment during pregnancy. If you are a new patient, you have to wait until the second trimester of pregnancy because it is necessary to x-ray new patients. X-rays cannot be taken before the second trimester. Spinal pain, frequently common during pregnancy, can be eliminated with NUCCA chiropractic care.

Can The Doctor Treat Particular Diseases Or Conditions?

We do not treat diseases or conditions. Dr. Ciano locates and corrects spinal distortion (vertebral subluxations). Our only practice objective is to eliminate this major interference to your health, spinal distortion.  Once your spine is stabilized and pressure on your nervous system is removed, your body can then function without nerve interference, nerves can heal, and the body’s ability to express its maximum health potential is restored.

Does Dr. Ciano Diagnosis Diseases Or Conditions?

No. Dr. Ciano does not offer to diagnose or treat any disease or condition other than spinal distortion (vertebral subluxation). If during the course of an office visit, we encounter non-chiropractic findings, we will advise you.  We will recommend that you seek the services of a health care provider who specialize in that area of concern.

Can Children Have NUCCA Chiropractic Care?

Yes, the gentle procedure is wonderful for everybody, every age. Children respond very well to treatment and are able to maintain spinal stability because they do not have a 20-30 year history of spinal distortion. Children also need much less treatment than adults as they are apt to maintain their spinal stability.

Should I See My Medical Doctor First?

Chiropractors are primary care physicians. That means that you do not need a referral to see a Doctor of Chiropractic. What a NUCCA doctor does cannot be duplicated by any other doctor.

Will My Insurance Cover Chiropractic Care?

Most insurance companies cover chiropractic. Please call our office with your insurance information. We will call your insurance company for you to verify chiropractic coverage. This way we can let you know beforehand if you have coverage and how much. There is no obligation for this service. We are pleased to help.